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Portable Welding

Portable Welding | Bardco Inc - Omaha, NE

Bardco Inc offers welding, repair and fabrication services for any of your metal or alloy equipment. Our portable welding services are highly mobile. We...

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Shop Fabrication

Shop Fabrication | Bardco Inc - Omaha, NE

Bardco Inc provides a full service machine shop fabrication service from its Omaha-based machine shop and metal fabrication facility.We are experienced in...

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Certified Aluminum

Certified Aluminum | Bardco Inc - Omaha, NE,NE

Bardco Inc specializes in providing certified aluminum fabrication and welding services to a wide range of customers in Omaha, NE. No matter what type of...

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Welcome To Bardco Inc

When you need a welding or metal fabrication job, Bardco offers a wide range of services including on-site, mobile welding. We can replace, create, or re-build any metal or alloy part, equipment or structure. Bardco Inc is experienced in a variety of welding processes, such as:

• Flux core arc welding
• GMAW- MIG welding
• GMAW-P - pulsed gas metal arc welding
• GTAW- gas tungsten arc welding/ TIG welding
• SMAW - shielded metal arc welding

Bardco Inc has a reputation for high-quality workmanship and exceptional service. We enjoy looking for creative solutions in our repair and fabrication projects. We are fully insured and our standard of excellence is offered at the best price. Our repeat customers and referrals are a testimony to our record of pleasing customers.

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